About project

CRO is synonymous with conversion rate optimization and refers to the process of improving the number of people who take a desired action on the hotel’s website or online channels. The most obvious examples are the conversion rates of a website's booking engine or the number of visitors converted to bookings.


Project scope

To create a redesign of an existing CRO Platform based on research and analysis. Make the interface more modern and user-friendly that can help real user doing their job.



Personas analysis. As part of the study, I conducted an analysis of competitors and the current solution of the application, as well as feedback from open sources. Also, 10 users of various hoteliers were interviewed using the “Deep interview” method to find out the motives for using the service, to identify main problems and sore spots. The interviews were held in the format of a free conversation. I set vector of a conversation and asked clarifying questions.



Optimize the platform structure to make it easier for users to interact with the Platform. Remove fields that the user does not need, so as not to overload the interface. Update the design to give a more modern look, easy to read. Make the platform convenient and user-friendly.



I start with research / product discovery, and then translated it into Wireframes.  UX or mid-fidelity screens have been combined with the approved style guide with an appropriate design system in place. As clearly requested, I proceeded with the approach to the first desktop. Finally, in the design phase, I had to build high-fidelity designs with interactive prototypes.