Senior Product Designer & UX

Specialization in Mobile, SaaS, UX, Front-end, Design Systems & Strategy

Hello!👋 I am Theodoros, an Athens-based Product Designer with over a decade of experience in UI/UX design. My journey began in 2011 with Frontend and Backend development, specializing in UX methods for industries like hospitality, maritime, and healthcare. As a Principal Product Designer, I create visually captivating interfaces that connect emotionally with users. My empathy-driven approach turns user insights into intuitive, delightful experiences. Aligning design with business goals, I help drive revenue growth and competitive advantage. Proficient in Design Thinking, I lead teams through ideation, prototyping, and user testing to ensure functional and user-friendly products. My expertise in Design Systems ensures consistency across all products, streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and fosters seamless collaboration with development and product teams. My methodology focuses on reducing communication time, analyzing user behavior data, and delivering high-fidelity designs quickly. Eager to enhance user experiences and drive innovation, I am excited to contribute to your organization’s success.

Solving Complex UX flaws

Dedicated to crafting user-friendly solutions by expertly tackling intricate UX challenges for exceptional experiences

No code development

Improve communication with developers or clients about how users should interact with the application in real scenarios. #micro-interactions

Design System Lover

I lead your team with a clearly ordered design system and a framework for growth. #Figma-tokens #Design-to-Code, #Style-Dictionary

Frontend knowledge | Usability test

Strong FE knowledge: HTML5, SCSS, Responsive. Continuously improving UX with UsabilityHub, Maze, Hotjar, and Google Analytics.


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